The Body Lyre – Work

Dear friends! This is our music video for ‘Work’, a song we recorded in 2012 and recently released as a 7”.

Kalem O’Brien (our former bassist) cut and assembled this from an aged VHS recording of me and some other kids competing on a Welsh language gameshow for primary schools back in the mid-90s. It was a gameshow themed on grandmothers’ underwear, and no, I don’t know why. I’m the boy on the blue team. We lost and I fucked it all up for our school. The whole thing was a surreal experience even by 90s Welsh TV standards and I think Kalem’s edit captures and amplifies that feeling perfectly. And I can’t think of anything better in the world to accompany the lyrics of this song.

All of our Pledgeme orders have been sent out and you can buy the ‘Blood/Work’ 7” and ‘Escape Songs’ LP or CD/book from Slowboat Records and RPM in Wellington or Real Groovy in Auckland from this weekend. Or you can feel free to email me to buy anything directly: The songs are also all free/koha for stream/download from

Currently writing new songs and with a new linep: me, Callum Gay, Alex Ross, Nina Siegler and Graeme Cummack. Check out Callum’s other band Spook the Horses’ new song ‘Flood’ from their upcoming record at It’s awesome.

Thanks and wellest wishes to you all.


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