Blood/Work 7″ got its crowdfunding!

Hey everyone,

After three of the most stressful weeks ever, we made our funding goal! Thanks infinitely to everyone who pledged to make this project possible. At times I really didn’t think we were going to make enough to release the record, so we’re really grateful to those who chipped in.

What happens next? Well, we will receive the full list of pledgers from PledgeMe this week, and then we’ll be in contact about any specifics we need to chase up over the next month (e.g. shirt sizes and designs, delivery addresses and the like). The record will be sent off to press this week, so we’ll be aiming to have all of the packages sent out by Christmas time. In that gap, we’ll post plenty of updates and be sure to stay in touch regarding different options – especially on the shirt design, for which there will be two choices.

Oh, and everyone who pledged for the new 7″ will receive a special cover edition, numbered out of 50.

We have a couple of shows coming up too. This one is on Wednesday:

That’s us, Spook the Horses and Bachelor of Architecture this Wednesday 14th November at San Fran Bath House – and it’s free!

And we’re also opening for the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group on Tuesday November 27th at the San Fran Bath House again – tickets are available here.

After that, we’ll be planning a New Zealand tour early next year and continuing to write for our next release.

That’s all for now – thanks again for helping us release our new record! We love you all. x

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