No End Yet


So it’s the 1st of a new year and the 12th track from Escape Songs isn’t online… well, that’s because we’re saving it for the release of the album in physical form. We’re looking at the end of February/start of March as a release date, and this last song for December will come out then. As I’ve mentioned numerous times already; the album will be coming out in three different forms –

a) book/cd combination (featuring written/visual accompaniments for each song as well as a few other bits and pieces)
b) vinyl 2xLP (also with the book and some other artwork, and in a small number of editions)
c) free download from our Bandcamp page

Right now, we’re finishing off the last song, booking release shows, compiling the artwork for the book and vinyl, and tweaking a few mixing issues on the songs that have been released already. We’ll post a link to download the remixed versions when they’re ready – basically, doing the album in this drip-fed way means that often we haven’t had a lot of time to work on the songs before they were due to be posted online, so there are just a few minor things that we’d like to change.

Anyway I think that’s it… more news when we’ve got dates for the Escape Songs release shows.



One response to “No End Yet

  1. Looking forward to it! Been enjoying the songs so far 🙂

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