Number Nine: The Colonel and His Birds


Here it is – our first late track of the year, The Colonel and His Birds. This one’s a bit of an oddity; composed and recorded by me this time (it’s essentially spoken word, I guess). Mastered by Tim Shann. As for instruments, you’ll hear a little guitar, some harmonica, some bells, some plastic thing I got out of a Christmas cracker, and the birds that live in the chimney in my house. I suppose that it’s also envisioned as a bit of a segue between tracks on the greater Escape Songs album, which is something I’m thinking about more and more as the year goes on, and a bit of an ode to Pierre Schaeffer. Mixing this has been the most laborious process I’ve attempted in a long time and I’m glad it’s finally over.

Headphones might work best for this one.



2 responses to “Number Nine: The Colonel and His Birds

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