Number Eight: Pastiche


August’s track is a collaboration called ‘Pastiche’ with our friend Graeme Cummack, who co-wrote the track and played guitar. I played guitars and sang, Ana sang, Tim played bass, and Callum drums. And guess what? This was mixed and mastered about half an hour ago before being delivered now to The Internet for consumption. D–I–Y yeah? Again it was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Shann.

A few people have asked about lyrics – we’re not going to put the lyrics for Escape Songs online, but they’ll be available in the final book/cd release with visual/written accompaniments. But I have uploaded the booklet PDF file for December Marches to the download on Bandcamp, so if you download the album then you get the cover art and lyrics as well.

We’re currently getting the last few tracks ready for the record and starting to plan the live shows for the album release at the end of the year… the book is coming along ok and we have some interesting accompaniments for the music.

For any inquiries or anything please email


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