Number Six: Leaves of Grass


Hey man, we’re halfway there! Keeping up to a track a month is a lot harder than I had planned, but we’re six down and six to go til Escape Songs is finished.

June’s track is Leaves of Grass. I played guitar, sang and percussed; Ana sang and played cello, and Callum played drums and synth. Recorded as per usual with Tim Shann at his studio in Seaview. Download link is above.

In other news:

MOLE MUSIC: The Burrow pt. 1 – a downloadable comp of new tracks from Mole bands RIFLES, SHARPIE CROWS, NEVERNUDES, DEER PARK, MILD AMERICA, and yours truly THE BODY LYRE (“pig”). There really are some great tracks on here and it’s a free download so you have no excuse but to bask in a mulch of bands that all sound rather different. Click the image above for the link.

So I know I’d been posting about the CDep versions of Escape Songs and then four book accompaniments, but realistically it’s just too tricky a task to assemble until the album is finished in some way… so we’ll likely hold off on the book at least until the end of the year for release with the LP. We’ll be playing again later in the year and we’ll have something to sell though, maybe some shirts and a halfway-Escape Songs CDep.




One response to “Number Six: Leaves of Grass

  1. Haha, the Neurosoup girl!

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