Number Five: The Shelter

The Body Lyre – The Shelter (May)


While John & Bill were buttfucking Our Great Nation just five kilometers from my house, I hid in a wardrobe and ironed the various creases from my skin with a cheesegrater. Later, I opened the door and fell onto an amplifier. And so The Shelter was birthed, screaming with feedback and confusion. For this unsightly, unsoundly, unspoken month of May, there are no words; so it’s an instrumental. I guitar’d, percuss’d, and such… Tim bass’d, Callum drum’d and synth’d. And it might be my favourite thus far – it’s definitely the heaviest, and as clichéd as it may seem to say again, it sounds best at high volumes or on headphones. It’s either the mix or the flood that causes it… no one’s sure which. Maybe June will be a month of tiny actions; gestures made forward… but May is for bathing in the flood, for floating in it.

The Shelter’s music is intended to be accompanied by a piece of prose that will be found in the first of two books released this year – I know we’ve been slow on the first one, but things will get moving soon.



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