Number Four: Pig

The Body Lyre – Pig (April)


April showers, fools, pigs. April the reporter from Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles*, whose figurine I used to bury in the dirt as a kid. This is Pig, which has quite a different dynamic to the previous three tracks. The core of it was recorded live last weekend in Seaview with Tim Shann on bass and Callum Gay on drums. We finished vocals and guitar overdubs on Sunday, so this one hasn’t had long to breathe yet. Anyway, the link above will take you to Bandcamp for the download/stream.

We have a show coming up on Saturday May 8th… it’s a fundraising gig for the Wellington Womens Refuge. Poster below:

Hope to see you there. I’ll post some pictures of recording etc at my blog later on (link on the right), and news on the book release (end of June) when it takes shape.



*In Britain, the mutated teenage turtles were known as ‘Hero’ turtles due to controversy over the use of the word ‘Ninja’ at the time.

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