Number Three: Daughter

The Body Lyre – Daughter (March)


Well now… it’s the 31st again, so here comes Daughter. March has been a strange month… I feel like this track gets it all nicely. Here, Ana sang and played cello, I played guitar and did some sampling, and Tim Shann played bass again (as well as recording, mixing, mastering etc). What else is there to say? Oh… you’ll find some delightful ambiences courtesy of a brick and a storm. That’s it. You’ll find the link above to our Bandcamp page, where you can download this and the first two tracks for free in any sensible file format you like.

Shows! :

April 3rd (Saturday) at Borderline fest in Auckland. We’ll be playing at Whammy Bar at about 9:30 (really!). So please come early and enjoy the many good bands playing this thing. Tickets and info HERE.

We’re also doing two Wellington shows with our friends/labelmates Deer Park. They are: 14th April (Wednesday) at San Francisco Bath House for the VBC night, and 15th April (Thursday) at Mighty Mighty, which also features the wonderful Seth Frightening and Alphabethead. Be there!

We had a delay with the first book, so instead we’ll be releasing it at the end of this month. It’ll feature photo collections by us for Escape Song and Daughter, and ten drawings by Zachary Jordan Penney for Chainsmoker. There’ll also be another section for April’s song (which is currently untitled).

I trust you are well, and I hope that Daughter invigorates you for the beginning of April.




4 responses to “Number Three: Daughter

  1. Love it, amazing!

  2. Love it, my favourite .

  3. thnx a lot ^_^

  4. argh I wish I could be at mighty mighty.
    so much love for The Body Lyre.
    December Marches is my record of the year for sure.

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