Number Two: Chainsmoker

The Body Lyre Chainsmoker (Feb)


Oh hi February! Here’s a soundtrack to your eternally enigmatic twenty-eighth day. Chainsmoker was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim Shann. I sang and played guitar, Ana sang and played cello and accordion, Tim Shann played bass, and Callum Gay played drums. Again, listen to loud and/or on headphones for the first time if you can! And feel free to pass round the links… we’ll be using Bandcamp for downloads and streaming – they have lots of cool options for different file format downloads and no advertising money angle, which is a nice change.

In other news, we’ll be releasing the first of four books with March’s track, Daughter. We’ll also be on tour in April again – full country as a 4-piece (with Callum and Tim joining us live). We’re playing on Monday at Victoria University for Orientation… 5pm at Mount Street (Student Union Building) with Seth Frightening. Let us serenade you on your first day back at school with our little tunes! There’s also Borderline Fest lined up for Auckland… details are at Under the Radar. We’re on the Saturday night (April 3rd).

See you soon. Thanks February!



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