Some Strangers stuff…

Children, the physical version, is available to order now. The tracks:

1. Around Your Drug Eyes
2. Firstborn
3. Worstborn
4. I’m Sorry
5. Children

The physical release contains a 4-page letter about the history of the band and our past releases etc, 5 x A5 heavyweight broadside lyric sheets for the record, and a CDR of the music. It’s a package limited to 50 numbered copies for now. The price is $15. The record will be available to download for free from next week, but we’re really hoping that some people will just give us $15 and get a physical copy first… we’d love to make back some of the debt from years of losing money.

To order, email Payment by bank deposit, cash, Paypal. For mailing/pickup orders etc email me (

A 2-song download is available HERE, and you can stream some of the record at

. You can also download all of our past releases for free. Here are the links:

Night Minutes 7” – HERE
Weight – HERE
Holding Demo – HERE



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