Number One: Escape Song

The Body Lyre Escape Song


This is January’s number. Escape Song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tim Shann. I sang and played guitars, Ana sang, Callum Gay played drums, and Tim Shann played bass. I could easily start wanking about some of the things we’ve tried to do with the recording of this track, but instead I’d recommend listening loud/on headphones for the first time if you can. It just sounds better loud.

Full details for the new record will be up towards the end of this week when I get back to town, including some exciting news on who will actually be releasing this beast, and upcoming shows.

An infinite thanks goes out to Timmy Andrew, Red Panda, Tally Ho Magazine, Mark and Mild America, Sam Walsh, and everyone else who has helped us over the last 3 days. The shows have been great, and we owe you all big time. I will try and post some photos and more things on here when I’m back, as I’m going to try and keep the updates pretty regular if I can.

Anyway… it has been a rush to get this first song up in time, but more info on final record, a few Body Lyre book releases, Easter gigs, and more treats shall come soon.

Thanks again, and feel free to pass round the link to our downloads. All of our music will be available for free in digital form this year.




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