Escape Songs.

Hi everyone,

We’d like to present our new record, Escape Songs.

The short version

We’ll be releasing one new song at the end of every month for the coming year, and all twelve will be collected as a vinyl LP at the end of the year. The songs will be free to download, and there’ll be a couple of physical CDep versions during the year.

The long version

Escape Songs is a one-year diary for the band. We have no idea what the record is going to sound like, and we could be a completely different entity by the end of the year. So it’s an experiment, I guess… I have no idea how the year is going to affect us musically.  Hopefully it’ll be a little more interactive than a normal record, and hopefully the songs will seem more like individual pieces in a bigger collection.

The recording, mixing, and mastering will all be done with Tim Shann, who did December Marches. There will likely be a few different musicians recording and playing live with us through the year. Callum will be playing drums live and on the recordings and Tim Shann will be doing bass on the recordings. I imagine we’ll do a mixture of 2-piece and full band sets with various people this year, depending on the shows.

Artwork for the record will mostly be done by Ana, and we’ll be doing a couple of videos for some of the songs here and there. It looks like we’ll be playing live pretty regularly. Details soon! For bookings and anything, email

The first single will be available to download from on January 31st. It’s the title track, Escape Song. To me, it’s the best song we’ve done so far, and it’s pretty different to December Marches.




One response to “Escape Songs.

  1. Love listening to the songs, can’t believe all those young people sat on the floor listening intently. Great musicianship and spacious kind of eerie sound. I really enjoyed the concert. Your music deserves excellent mixing.

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