I dance for money

Oh hi!

Sweet shows coming up! Hells yeah!

Wednesday December 30th – 4/215 Victoria st, Hamilton – $5 donation
Mild America, The Body Lyre, and poetry readings by Tali Williams and Rhydian W. Thomas.

We will have the cd and the reprint of my book as a zine available. The zine is a smaller version of the book with about 20 poems, and it’ll probably be $10… hopefully it’ll be a lovely sloppy party in a relatively small space, so come along!

Then of course, there’s:

Thursday December 31st – DISAPPEAR HERE – Kings Arms, Auckland – $20 – 6pm
Poster below.


Friday January 29th in Christchurch with bands and poetry again, and the two days before we’ll be playing with Mild America in Wellington and Auckland. It will be great.

In other news, Strangers Children is going to be delayed til January, and we’ll be playing Voidfest and an Auckland gig and a Wellington gig… probably in February but who knows.




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