Hi Cyberworld,

Some vague updates…

  • New years show for Disappear Here… a 2-stage fest-type-thing at the Kings Arms in Auckland. This looks like it’ll be full band, too… featuring a Mr Zachary Jordan Penney on guitar (from Psychic Jams; a path to divinity via sweet rock’n’roll). Also Christchurch 2-piece shows in January, and some other stuff next year. Currently writing the new album!
  • some prescriptions is gone… first printing, anyway. There may be another. I have re-printed December Marches, so there’s another 100 copies of the first album. Buy some: You can pay by Paypal or bank deposit or cash in the mail… whatevs.
  • New/last Strangers ep, Children, will be available to order from next week… I’ll make a post here. Last show was meant to be this weekend, but now looks likely to be in December sometime, as well as Voidfest in Hamilton… which will be amazing.

Lots of stuff happening. You’ll hear plenty from us this year.



One response to “November

  1. Good reason. I like to see clearly Martha

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