Strangers – Children (2-song sample)

OK, this may be The Body Lyre blog, but here’s some Strangers news, anyway.

Here are two songs – Around Your Drug Eyes and Firstborn, from the new Strangers recording, called Children. It’s also our last record, and ties together three years of playing as a band. We think it’s the best stuff we’ve ever done. It’s being released as a letter, and will be available to buy at the end of October. The package contains five broadside A4s of the lyrics, a cd, and a letter as our last communication to anyone who’s bought our records, been to our shows, and helped us out. We’d like to think of this as a final piece that is the end of an era for all of us, and a thank you to everyone who has supported us.


  1. Around Your Drug Eyes
  2. Firstborn
  3. Worstborn
  4. I’m Sorry
  5. Children

Download here:

Strangers – Children – 2-song sample

We’ll see you for a final one-off show in Wellington in November.

As far as other business – I still have a few copies Some Prescriptions, my book, left. $25, and limited to 50 copies for the first printing… there may be a reprint, who knows. The Body Lyre album is running low as well, but as soon as I get back from overseas (end of October), I will be printing more and will start work on the next album. We’ll hopefully be in the South Island as well by the end of the year. For any Melbournites, I’m playing a solo set on October 17th at the Antiverse Artists’ Market… more details when I get them. Just a reminder as well, that you can download the whole Body Lyre December Marches album and artwork for free:

The Body Lyre – December Marches

Much love, and if you want to get in touch, it’s



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