Notes from Everything

Well… where do we go from here?

1. December Marches is now for download with full artwork etc all nice in one go from – HERE

2. The first show went pretty well. Thank you all so much! Special thanks to Tim Shann for doing sound, Blair Everson for the PA, and Adam Ladley and Grayson Gilmour for giving me pedals and showing me how to use them. I’m a bit useless with gear, really.

3. More shows – 5th September at Whammy Bar/Wine Cellar with some others, info coming soon. The night before will hopefully be a Wellington show of some sort at some bar.

4. I’m releasing a collection of poetry and lyrics, called “some prescriptions” soon. Tali Williams is also doing one, called “unrequited”; which is quite honestly amazing stuff. I would say that though, right? We’ve been friends for five years now. We will be doing a reading together at Happy on Thursday September 24th with sets from The Body Lyre (as a two-piece for the night) and Albert Williams (Actualities).

5. I may as well include Strangers news here too. The Gallows show has been cancelled. We’re playing with Cobra Khan from Auckland on Saturday the 19th of September at Hole in the Wall. Then back up to Auckland and Hamilton in October, a new cd and some more touring later. Oh and we’re playing at Lorne st with The Dauntless and Every Man for Himself on 28th August; and with Akaname and Winds of Plague on Thursday October 29th. Kicks!

Holy shit… Ginsberg reading ‘Footnote to Howl’ is ethereal.

Hope to see you in weird driveways at houses in the suburbs sometime in September…

One response to “Notes from Everything

  1. Rocky Rock Rockbottom

    Rhydian, I want to buy a couple of the Body Lyre cd’s for my fledgling ratshit distribution empire.

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