December Marches

December Marches cover 1

1. Sex Acts for Sisters
2. Body Lies
3. Play for Voices
4. Warm Sin
5. Gussied Up
6. Chloe-Rose
7. Having Heard Devils Speaking

Download – HERE
Streaming – Myspace / LastFM
Lyrics – HERE

December Marches cover 2

Cute, ain’t it. Anyway this will be ready in physical form soon for those who seek a tangible documentation of the album. They’re ten bucks and will be out on Saturday the 27th of this month. So next week, really.

Anyway, if you want one, you can email me at and I’ll put one aside for you when they’re ready, because there probably won’t be too many of them. I’ll post them for $2 anywhere. If you’re in Wellington, feel free to come and grab yours when they’re ready next week. I can take your moneys via bank deposit or paypal, just send me an email.

As for our live endeavors, well… we need a little more time. We’ll probably play with a full band in mid-July. Enter Ben ‘look at my pants’ Ward on guitar and Mon. H. P. Thomas on bass.

Any thoughts on things anyone? Thoughts on the Newstalk-ZB frequenting generation of Waikato farmers’ wives janging on Valium and staring at the wall? Whether or not celebrities are better than normal people? Is the psychiatric profession a lie? What exactly it is about humans that allows us to feel sacred despite being; on an analytical level, highly evolved apes with better cognitive resources than other animals?


R. W. Thomas

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