Some Body Lies

Hello. This is the Body Lyre.

We’re situated in Wellington, New Zealand, and I’m Rhydian, your narrator. Ever-present is Ms. Ana McGowan; from next door, and the Hon. Cameron Reid. Both recommend you enjoy three tracks from our upcoming release, titled December Marches. The full thing is seven songs; around 30 minutes of music. Our tracklist:

1. Sex Acts for Sisters
2. Body Lies
3. Play for Voices
4. Warm Sin
5. Gussied Up
6. Chloe-Rose
7. Having Heard Devils Speaking

I’d love to sell it to you somehow, but maybe you should just download three tracks from it HERE. This little number was written between December 2008 and March 2009. I did a few demos in April and then we put this together with Tim Shann in May, mostly. They’re songs; individual songs, really. Ms. McGowan provides vocals, cello, accordion and percussion. Hon. C. Reid demonstrates use of drums and percussion. I can be found in the vocals, guitars, bass, trumpets, glock, electronics and percussion. We are also indebted to Jason Post for his contribution via theremin and ebow guitar work on the song “Sex Acts for Sisters”.

As an indulgent narcissist, I’d love to provide the lyrics from the release; perhaps making the fatal assumption that Somebody Cares. HERE they are, anyway.

This charming little beast should be ready for sale by mid-June. It’s going to be a little A5 book with the cd inside… just imagine it! It’ll only be $10 or so too! And there’ll only be around 50 for sale at first! Oh, and we’ll be playing a release show somewhere round then, in our homely Garrett st lounge.

Anyway, see you soon. It’s been good talking. Have we met before?



2 responses to “Some Body Lies

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tracks! couldn’t figure out how to download them from myspace so ta for putting them up here. If you would be so kind to put my name down for a CD that would be much appreciated. Hope yous are well! xoxo

  2. I just downloaded December marches. Haven’t finished listening yet. Thanks, I enjoy you’re music & tuts.

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